• AMAAYA™ International Clinic And Research Center For Reverse Aging & Wellness is among the pioneers and leaders in the segment of Medical Antiaging in India and globally.
  • AMAAYA™ stands for (Age Management Antiaging Aesthetics Youngevity Agility)

AMAAYA™ envisions

  • To bring the confluence of Conventional, Preventive, Alternative, Recreational and Regenerative Medicine under one roof to deal with the increased burden of (Early) Aging in the population.
  • To be Top preferred choice in the field of Reverse Aging Medicine (Antiaging and Regenerative).
  • To maintain Clinical Excellence with integration of advancements in Bio-Technology on timely fashion.
  • To maintain strong Brand Value and lead this segment as the Market leader.

AMAAYA™ Antiaging (Reverse Aging)

  • For today's (early) aging population who are trying to keep themselves more active & healthy into their early, mid & later years, our service is a novel concept in health care and longevity services that provides a comprehensive treatment regime.
  • Unlike today's standard health care services, we consider "Physical, Functional and Mental decline of Aging (Early Aging)" as unacceptable.
  • We offer comprehensive holistic medical , Scientific and interventional services to help them live a longer & more productive life.
  • We would be offering the one stop solution for reversing aging (Antiaging & Regenerative) through our medical services and interventions.
  • We have the potential to reverse the functional age (all the 4 categories; PHYSICAL, ENERGETICS, HOMEOSTATIC, DEGENERATION) of our clients (patients) to significant extent.
  • Our principle is "Reparation, Restoration, Rejuvenation, Regeneration"

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