Stress Test

  • Also known as TMT (Treadmill Test)/ Exercise Testing/Graded Exercise Tolerance Test.
  • This test measures the efficiency of the heart during a dynamic exercise stress period on a motor driven treadmill or ergometer.
  • It is valuable for diagnosing Ischemic heart disease.
  • It is of valuable significance in diabetic individuals as the cardinal symptoms of heart attack maybe absent and the patient may just have Silent Angina.
  • Exercise is an integral component of management of Diabetes Mellitus and other Life Style associated diseases. A well performed stress test can gauge the exercise tolerance of the heart.
  • A “Stress Test” done during a routine annual checkup can pick up few treatable underlying Heart Conditions.
  • A well performed Stress test can identify compromised blood supply to heart much before the heart attack occurs. This may lead to timely intervention and prevention of emergency complications.

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