Preventive Medicine

"Prevention is better than cure"

Most of the Diseases and Disorders are preventable, if properly screened and intervened at the right time. Various International Health Authorities have been releasing guidelines for “Preventive Medicine” time and again, but the execution at the field level is minimum.

It’s very important that we define the strategies for “Preventive Medicine” keeping in account the local prevalent factors and available resources.

Commonly available and recommended “Preventive Medicine” strategies:

  • Vitals and Anthropometric monitoring:
    1. Blood Pressure
    2. Pulse Rate
    3. Height
    4. Weight
    5. BMI
    6. Body Temperature
  • Clinical Examinations:
    1. Routine Physical Examination
    2. Heart sounds
    3. Heart Rhythm
    4. Respiratory Rate
    5. Respiratory sounds
    6. Abdominal Examination
    7. Cognition Testing
    8. Oral Examination
    9. Visual Acuity
    10. IOP
    11. Perimetry
    12. Fundoscopy
    13. ENT examination
    14. Musculoskeletal Testing
    15. Breast Examination
    16. Scrotal Examination
    17. Per Rectal Examination
    18. Per Vaginal Examination
    19. Others
  • Psychological Assessment
  • Social, Professional and Financial assessment
  • Screening Lab Tests :
    1. Haemogram
    2. HbA1c
    3. Kidney profile
    4. Liver Profile
    5. Lipid Profile
    6. BSL (Fasting, PP, Random)
    7. CRP
    8. Thyroid Profile
    9. Vitamin D
    10. Vitamin B12
    11. Iron Studies
    12. PSA
    13. Tumor Markers (CA-125, CEA, CA-19-9 etc)
    14. Heavy Metals assay
    15. Urine analysis
    16. Stool analysis
  • Other Imaging & Screening interventions:
    1. ECG
    2. Stress Test
    3. Echocardiography
    4. Pulse Oximetry
    5. Audiometry
    6. Spirometry
    7. Holter monitoring
    8. Continuous Glucose Monitoring (CGM)
    9. Ultrasound Abdomen/Pelvis
    10. Ultrasound Breast
    11. PAP smear
    12. Mammogram
    13. DEXA Scan
    14. Colonoscopy

In the current Era of “Cancer Epidemic”, we need certain blood tests (other than the tumor markers) which can identify the cancer cells in the circulation at very early stage. The Biotechnology has given us this hope with the “Tests Detecting the Circulating Tumor Cells (Liquid Biopsy/CTC)”.

With this test (using 10 ml of the peripheral blood), the tumor/cancer cells in the circulation can be identified and the cancer risk can be quantified. The same test can be used for assessing the treatment outcome in the cancer patients.

To know more about “CTC test” : Book Your appointment today. Click here!

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